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Enriched e-book : protection of drinking water catchments in france - action to fight against diffuse pollution

Publication of an enriched e-book about the protection of catchments and the fight against diffuse pollution:

To facilitate understanding the methods of protecting water catchments and the fight against diffuse pollution, the International Office for Water (IOWater) publishes an enriched book with financial support from the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB). It is a free educational and interactive tool.

This tool is based on interactive elements (video, audio, animation ...) to facilitate understanding and discovery of the theme of protection of drinking water catchments in France. You will find, for example, numerous testimonies from stakeholders in the water and agricultural sectors to learn more about the main protagonists of the protection of drinking water catchments in France.

This enriched book is mainly intended for all the players directly or indirectly involved in the preservation of water resources (state services, elected officials, water catchment animators ...).

This support is available in different formats:

  • Web format (reading via your web browser),
  • Downloadable e-pub format, which can be viewed without internet connection (download of a free application and initial download required)
Do you want to know more about drinking water catchments procedures, or the different types of pollutants?

Take control of this tool which allows an easier navigation between chapters or between pages on related subjects and which offers different reading levels.

How can you consult this e-book ?

The enriched e-book exist in two versions:

-    -  the web version (which requires an internet connection for reading): just click on the following link or copy / paste it into your browsers address bar, whether on PC or tablet :
- the downloadable version in epub format, available without internet connection (excluding additional online resources): download the file

 Softwares to read the epub file:

- If you have a Macintosh or an iPad there is no need to install any software, the file can be read with iBooks/Apple Books.

- If you have a PC, we advise you to use the free Adobe Digital Editions software (

- If you have an Android tablet, we recommend that you download the free Infinity Reader app via Google Play.

Note that when reading the file with Adobe Digital Editions and Infinity Reader, display problems can sometimes appear.

If you are having trouble reading the enriched book please contact: