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Farm Manure Management in Lower Saxony and its role in FAIRWAY


The joint project "Farm Manure Management" ("Verbundprojekt Wirtschaftsdüngermanagement") examines the (potential) export of farm manure from surplus regions to arable farming regions

The project consists of three sub-projects.

Sub-project 1 focusses on the farm manure exporting farms in the northwest. Farmers in the northwest receive professional advice about how they can meet the legal requirements with the help of farm manure export.
Sub-project 2 focusses on the transport operation itself and ways to certify the quality of the individual substrates. The goal is to develop a compulsory quality management system with impartial certification and yearly monitoring.
Sub-project 3 focusses on the farm manure receiving farms in the southeast. With the help of professional advice, it is carefully examined how farms can most efficiently make use of imported farm manure.

This project « farm manure management » has become part of Fairway, since it provides the opportunity to get in contact with different countries/case studies and exchange ideas and practices.

Main contribution in Fairway is :

1) to describe how the cooperation between various stakeholders (so-called Multi-Actor-Platforms) is fostered 

2) the demonstration and testing of software tools for fertilization management on farm level.

Success story editor: 
IOWater (use information on Fairway web site and mail with Landwirtschaftskammer Niedersachsen)
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