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With the support of the French Agency for Biodiversity, and in partnership with the International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO), the International Office for Water intends to put on line a web portal dedicated to the best practices implemented in the European Union regarding drinking water catchments protection and fight against diffuse pollution in these areas.

This portal intends to stimulate a better networking between stakeholders involved in this activity, centralize best practices, and disseminate resources (data, documentation…) with the objective to create an efficient community of European actors.

In France, drinking water catchments are protected against diffuse pollution thanks to actions engaged in the whole catchment area and within a very precise legal framework.

To provide different and attractive approaches, we would like to collect examples of operations of drinking water catchment protection (fight against diffuse pollution) in the other EU Member-States.

Therefore, International Office for Water put an online survey in 2017 in order to collect success stories:


Survey is still active, do not hesitate to share it to your european contacts tasked with the protection of catchment areas and fight against diffuse pollutions. For more information on the survey or to collect the addresses of the persons who answered the survey: